Bryn Athyn Community Theater is auditioning for staged readings of three plays which will be performed on Oct 6th through Oct 15th.  These staged readings, or “reader’s theater”, will have have no set, minimal props, and only suggestions of costumes, and a shorter rehearsal process, no memorization, and a smaller time commitment.


Auditions for all three plays:


Monday August 28th and Wednesday August 30th at 7:00 at Mitchell Performing Arts Center

(800 Tomlinson Road, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009)


We realize this is very short notice, so contact us at if you’re interested in taking part in one or more of the plays and can’t make one of those times.  Plays and performance dates are:


Decision Height Oct 7th, Oct 15th (matinee)

Outside Mullinger Oct 6th, Oct 14th

Selections from Junie B. Jones and Ramona Quimby Oct 8th (matinee), Oct 13th, Oct 14th (matinee)


About the plays and roles:


“Decision Height”, by Meredith Dayna Levy, directed by Annalise Settefrati


This play tells the story of Women Airforce Service Pilots training at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas between 1943 and 1944. The all-female cast offers many opportunities to shine, as each character has her own unique personality. The play balances comedy, drama, friendship, sacrifice, and the good old-fashioned “girl power” of the 1940s.


- Auditions will consist of brief monologues and conversations from the script

- To read the monologues or script in advance, please contact

- Note: all characters sing, however, the songs are based on marching chants, and do not require much musical talent

- Some character ages are flexible

- Although the real WASP program included only one Native-American and two Asian-Americans, all ethnicities will be considered when casting

- Rehearsals will be Friday evenings AND/OR Sunday evenings  



- Virginia Hascall (early 20s) – The empathetic observer; sings solo

- Edith “Eddie” Harknell (mid 20s) – The blunt and quick-witted “hot pilot”

- Norma Jean Harris (late 20s) – The confident teacher; sings solo

- Rosalie Hartson (late teens/early 20s) – The brave dreamer; sings solo, plays flute

- Alice Hawkins (late 20s) – The cool intellect; sings solo

- Carol Henderson (late teens/early 20s) – The brazen and earnest runt of the litter

- Mrs Deaton (late 30s/early 40s) – The government-employed den mother

- Ziggie Lewis (early to mid 40s) – The civilian flight instructor, a rare woman indeed

- Mildred Simmons (late 20s) – A woman of few loyalties; sings solo

- Narrator – Reads stage directions


“Outside Mullingar” by John Patrick Shanley, directed by David Howell


Outside Mullingar is about the romance of Anthony and Rosemary, neighbors in rural Ireland, who are nearing their middle years. Anthony is an introverted farmer and Rosemary is the woman who vows to have him at all costs. When Anthony's father threatens to disinherit his son, Rosemary steps into the middle of a land feud and family eccentricities beyond what one might image. On the brink of romantic catastrophe, this one-of-a-kind Irish heroine fights against time and mortality in hopes of securing her dream of love. Outside Mullingar is by turns poetic, uplifting, dark and very very funny.

Auditions will be readings from the play. Script available here:

Outside Mullingar Script


-Auditions will be readings from the play. To read script in advance, please email

-Rehearsals will be about once a week.



-       Anthony (male, 30’s-40’s) Irish Accent

-       Rosemary (female, 30’s-40’s) Irish Accent

-       Tony (male, 70’s) Irish Accent

-       Aoeife (female, 70’s) Irish Accent


”Selections from Junie B. Jones and Ramona Quimby” by Barbara Park and Beverly Cleary, directed by Mary Williams


Reader’s theater is a fun and fluid way to perform where lines don’t have to be memorized but outstanding characters are the thing! I am looking for 8-10 outstanding readers/characters to bring these hilarious relatable comedic episodes to life!

Two sample scripts are provided for people interested in trying out!

Ramona Script

Junie Script

CHARACTERS (Note: one person could play more than one character)


-Junie B. Jones (about 6 years old…but probably should be played by someone older)

-Mrs. (teacher)

-Lucille/Charlotte/Grace (friends and classmates of Junie B. Jones)


-William/Jim/Paulie (male classmates of Junie B. Jones)

-Principal (male)

-Grandmother of Junie B. Jones

-Father of Junie B. Jones

-“Cheese Man” School photographer

-Ramona (about 8 years old)

-Beezus (her older sister)

-Ramona’s mother and father

-Ramona’s teacher